Kendall Tavern Inns' Wedding Events 
We can offer a very charming and enjoyable setting for your wedding function. As you can see from the pictures we dress up quite well. We aren't fancy or over the top, just right.
This is new venture, we have not marketed before, though people have asked. Now we have implemented that request. As you can see, weddings were performed here within the past few years and in each case to the brides pleasure. We stay out of the way and just provide pleasant surroundings. Weddings are easiest performed between 1PM and 3PM, unless you have the whole inn reserved (then there are no work arounds).
The most available times of the year are between November and June.
The simplest wedding plan is just to reserve the common area (either of the parlors or dining room as the picture shows) or hold the wedding outside on the front lawn ...
Plan to reserve the whole inn. You can have up to 15 guests stay here at the Kendall with you. We have 7 guest rooms, one room of which is yours. If you need additional guests the could stay at nearby B&Bs' or hotels with in a short walking distance.

The following rates apply:
Dinning room only $195 (3 hours, afternoons)
Patio area $225 (afternoons)
Front Lawn area $225 (afternoons and evenings)
"Barn area" $300

Heath Wedding Rehersal Dinner July 2010
July 2010 Wedding July 2010 Wedding July 2010 Wedding July 2010 Wedding

Dining Room setup.
Breakfast Room

Dining Room setup for a shower or wedding.
Late November Wedding
The interior of the barn.
barn area
*There is a 50% deposit for events which is non refundable within two months of the event. For your protection and ours, a form is signed detailing the arrangements.
**We can fax or email a event form to be signed.
We have suggestions for caters.

Arrangements to decorate are for you to decide..
The ceremony depends on your tastes.
Play your CD music or there is piano in the library room
The following suggested amenities can be arranged...
Flowers can be provided by "Wild Flowers"
Wedding Cakes etc
Rehearsal or wedding reception locations
Clergy or notary republic (male or female)
Amenities to pamper you...
Each season offers many different pleasurable images. Then should it rain, there is always the "barn" as a back up plan and some have even asked to be married in there. So if you desire a small simple village setting, than the Kendall Tavern Inn is the spot for you.

Thank you for asking about this optional use for the inn. Both inside and out on the front lawn make for a great location to have the vows. It has brought pleasure to some already.
Feel free to call 800-341-9572 (207)865-1338 and talk to us or email us at

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